Inhaling Wildflowers

I wander in empty fields while floral smoke falls from my lips as they sing the silent tune of forgiveness. I drift in and out of sleep, imagining all the things the clouds could be, if only they tried...

I open my heart as I close my eyes and fall into the battle field of my mind - acceptance. A small, yet bitter pill to swallow that coats my insides yellow. I look deeper and see that they have been neglected far too long and are starting to mold and mellow.

I inhale another breath of the wildflowers' fire and blow it past soft lips. I ponder if enough hot inhales will burn away the gray, or if it's here to stay. I look closer still, only to see flowers starting to grow in corners of the grey. Breaking through cobwebs and repainting the walls with the colors of love instead of hate.

I smile and the breeze brushes hair into my face, pulling me from the back of my brain and into reality. The sun is warm and I know, somehow everything is going to be okay... at least for now anyway and I am... peaceful. 

Photographer: Sam Davis @samdavisphotog

Model: Ellie Duff @ellieduff