Electric West Puts A Good Name On Vintage

Bringing it back to the good old times, Electric West sets off vintage Californian vibes with its timeless selection of tees, shorts and curated pieces. Based out of San Diego, California, the brand puts a good look on vintage. Made sweatshop free, every single piece stands for a quality product that will make you want to go back for more.

“Our goal is to create timeless t-shirts
that will be lived and loved,
by you! We aspire to inspire,
keep you adventuring, and keep you
looking good while doing it.”
- Electric West

When it comes to Electric West, it is all sorts of style fun. With styles from the 70’s to the 80’s, coming back better than ever in the 2000’s, this brand is more than just up to date with the current loves and wants of fashion.  

Electric West offers a lot of choices of curated vintage along with their own tees and shorts inspired by the good old times of rock&roll, piece and recklessness. When it comes to their graphic tees they nailed it with the simple yet appealing options.

Home Décor? Yes! Electric West has created a home décor line to satisfy your 1970’s vintage needs! With only a few items currently on the website in their home décor line, more and more décor will be added, so watch out!

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