E. Y. E. S

I look up at the sky and all I see is a glass ceiling that I am not yet strong enough to break. I watch as clouds made of unfulfilled dreams float by unaware of my determined stare. I am beneath the clouds and yet I shall make the loudest thunder. I will not be shoved into a box and packed away like some delicate flower. I am made up of lighting and celestial dust all wrapped into one human; who won't accept what the word impossible means. I will slide through this glass ceiling so that the clouds don't even notice my arrival. That is until it starts to rain and the water feeds the seeds of empowerment until they burst through the air like magic. These seeds will shatter the ceiling with a power so strong it will rain diamonds down onto the beds they once slept in. So worry not, for when these diamonds blossom into their own set of eyes looking up at a sky, all they will see is potential. 

Photographer: @toma.kezic