Driving With No Destination

I think driving is underrated. Nowadays, it’s an hour long, traffic-filled commute. But take away the constant honing of horns, and it can be very therapeutic.
The day I got my license was when I felt most free. I took off in my dad’s car and was gone for hours. Of course, I had to get groceries for my parents, but I also got to drive to friend’s houses. An AUX cord is a beautiful thing. I blasted Beyoncé without a care in the world. So what if a pedestrian saw my embarrassing moves to Partition?
Bumping to jams with friends is even better. There’s a reason “Carpool Karaoke” is trending. Windows down, volume up, driving with no destination. I don’t need money to go shopping or get food. I just need money to fill up the tank.
Driving without Beyoncé can still be good. I think the car is one of the best places to talk to friends, and have a true conversation. All that there is to focus on otherwise is the road. No interruptions.
Sometimes, I drive alone. Not to perfect my solo in Monster, but to clear my head. To breathe in and breathe out. I love passing by my childhood house, and following that road to the beach. Putting my car in park, but my mind is still in drive. When I drive, I feel like my mind has caught up to the road. My worries are just bumps in the road.

Photographer/ Videographer: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy

Model: Bailey Voss @baivoss