Don't Tell Me...

Don't tell me I have to stay.
I am free, like a bird.
If you respected my state of mind,
you would have let me go,
knowing that I would come back to you.

Don't tell me I have to obey.
My head needs space.
Sometimes, I need to think for a while,
in a world full of chaos,
a world that doesn’t get me.

Don't tell me I didn't love you.
You are the love of my life.
But I love nature more,
just like nature loves me back,
with all its pureness and uncomplicated beauty.

Model: Perla González @perl_gzlez
Creative Director and Make Up: Ash G. Calo @ash.calo
Photographer: Daniel Diaz Garay @danieldiazgaray
Location: Piñones (Loiza) Puerto Rico.