Do You Know Didirri?


We first met Didirri during his American tour during a show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles while supporting another artist friend. We where instantly drawn to his genuine charm, emotional lyrics, and clear vocals. Didirri got his start by busking in Australia and has been slowly building an international following. He is one of those artists where you can feel authenticity and good will dripping of off their person. Watch the video for our personal favorite song Formaldehyde, listen to his new song collaboration with Ro Tea Stains, and get to know him a little better below…

Why music? 

Who knows honestly? The music chooses the musician, it's not always clear why.

Who are you? 

My name is Didirri, originally from Warrnambool on the south coast of Australia.

What does authenticity mean to you and how do you stay authentic as an artist

Authenticity is very loose term, but I guess it all comes down to what feels true and honest as a performer, as a writer or as a creator. Criticism is to be heard and criticism is to be ignored. It is up to the artist to decide which of these feel true at the time

What does vulnerability mean to you and how does it affect your art?

To put yourself out there at all is to be vulnerable. We look to our leaders in general to be vulnerable. They need to be able to take criticism and to make art in the world is to be criticized. Be vulnerable and the creative process and be confident in the delivery. Those are my thoughts.

Favorite lyric of yours?

“You'll find a love to blind you.”

What’s next? 

I've been stuck in a whirlwind of life changes, I don't quite understand the scope of making music worldwide at the moment but it sure is something to write about. And I have been writing a lot.

Artist: Didirri @didirri_

Photographer: Jess Gleeson @jessgleeson