Desert Walker


The sky was so blue that day. It was almost blinding, how blue it was. No clouds to protect the eyes from the impending light. But it was beautiful. Blind or not, it was obvious. The beauty of the desert was not known to all. The desert is known for it’s treachery.

Vegetation lay scarce throughout the sandy plain. Dust stretched for miles. Those who drove by swept up dust with their velocity, as if someone tossed the sand into the air themselves. Among the dehydrated brush were Joshua trees that grew from nothing. These trees grew up towards the sky. Their arms extending to the sun, like they crave the warmth. Like they feed off of it.

But with each beautiful flower came an abundance of thorns. Prickers scattered the land and hid for the unwary. Bushes made of long, thin needles, to harm bare legs. The same legs that felt the heat and the light dust in the air. Spikes lay along trees so as to protect them.

Despite the danger, many travel to this desert. Some are aware of what lies ahead and take caution. Others become so mesmerized by the beauty that they seem to not see the thorns or the prickers. The predators hidden under the boulders. For them, that beauty is worth it.

Photographer: Peter Baumann @monophoness

Model: Maria Kn @mariaknmodel