Dear Anxiety Monster

Dear anxiety monster, I promise we will be okay. I know it feels like I am about to die, but honestly, I am perfectly safe in my bed trying to sleep. I'm sorry you feel like you talked too much today, but I swear everyone still likes you. You did fine on that test last month, the grades will be up soon. No use in stressing out.

I have these conversations with my anxiety monster on a regular basis, the question is how do I put it back in it's cage?

1. Try soothing it with some music, let the story carry you away.

2. Drink some water. Dehydration will make your body and anxiety monster freak out.

3. Deep breaths. Use intentional breathing to slow your heart rate and calm your brains chemical balance.

4. Stretch, move your body and get your muscles warmed up! Try some basic yoga in your bedroom. I personally don't care if it's two am. Stretching will help your body self-sooth.

5. Find some anxiety reducing pressure points online and use them to slow that erratic heart beat and release some "happy chemicals".

6. Apply some lavender essential oil to your pulse points and let it work it's magic.

7. Get out a notebook and write out five good things that happened today, three bad ones, and fifteen positive self-affirmations. Do this every night to help keep your mind clear and fresh.

8. Take a hot bath or shower and focus on how the water feels on your skin and nothing else.

9. Call a friend and listen to how their day went, it helps put yours in perspective.

10. Go outside and get some vitamin D, let the sun revitalize you.

11. Go for a run and get those endorphins pumping!

12. Pamper yourself a little. Drink some wine, order in the meal you are craving, put on that face mask you have been saving, and give yourself permission to chill. 

13. Smile! It releases "happy" chemicals even if the smile starts of fake.

14. Last but not least: Cuddle literally anything that brings you comfort!

For me a combination of 3 our 4 of these steps typically is enough to put that anxiety monster back where it belongs. Remember: Your anxiety is more scared of you then you are of it, and you are the one with the power to rule your mind and body.

Photography: Zackari Miller @zackarimiller

Model: Weslee @weslee_kate

Wearing: Groceries Apparel @groceriesapparel