Daya By Zendaya is For All ⭐️

Personally, I’ve always struggled with finding my style. I knew what I wanted to wear, but every day it was different. Each year my closet was ransacked and every clothing item was tossed because I didn’t find preppy to be my trend, or stripes were just too “not my style.”

But tossing out clothes every year because they aren’t your taste can come back to bite you in the ass. Two or three years later I find myself regretting tossing certain sweaters.

Turns out, I’m not the only one with this problem. In fact, actor and musician Zendaya suffered from the same non-conformity. Which is one reason why she created her own clothing line: Daya By Zendaya.

Zendaya has always been known for pushing the boundaries of style since her start on Disney. Every red carpet is a different look. A silky pink dress to the Oscars, and a tuxedo to the Grammys. So when Z was designing her clothes, she wanted an eclectic style.

A lot of the clothing pieces in this line can be for everyone. A simple white blouse can be for those on the “classier” side. Or, it can be paired with leather shorts to match for an edgier look.

One of the most iconic looks so far has been the pink Satin Slip Dress. Simple slip dresses have become such a trend but I think Zendaya really made this piece unique. In some photos, it can be paired with a long bomber jacket, the same color, or a kimono-like shawl.

This line also pushed boundaries of style, just like its designer. The Mesh Ruffle Dress, for example, is so crazy it just works. I have never in my life seen a dress like this, but I’m now surprised I haven’t. Another set I found really fascinating was the Quilted Kimono Suit. This suit in particular blew me away. There’s so many different ways to wear the jacket alone. And even better: The jacket with the matching pants.

I have no complaints about this collection. Well, actually I have one. I wish she made it sooner. My wallet and closet would thank her. These pieces are all such staples that can still fit a confused teenage crisis.