Between Black and White


I find myself in a fight,

between black and white.

Neither good nor bad,

but grey.

Fighting with memories I’ve had,

Of begging ones to stay.

Like climbing the same ladder,

only to find a step taken away.

My anger arises, I become even madder

Since I planned on climbing that day.

But I can’t be light or dark.

Because at night is when we light the match,

It’s when I see my spark,

And the steps reattach.

I don’t need the sun,

Or the bright to reach my kitchen.

Dancing in darkness is more fun,

The stars are my rhythm.

Often I am grey.

And for me that is enough.

Depends how you define “okay,”

Or believe in finding a diamond in the rough.

I find myself in a fight,

between black and white.

But I’ve gotten comfortable.

Found satisfaction with the medium.

My memories may still be vulnerable,

Though I know not to give in to them.

The farther I climb,

the smaller they seem.

And as we fall into time,

There is only in-between.


Model : Marika Giannoccari @felinenesss

Photographer and video: Omer Kaplan @omerkesemkaplan

Original music by Ofir Malik @ofirmalik