Cub Sport's Tim Nelson Talks Vulnerability, Love, and Music


We caught up with Tim and Sam from the LGBTQ+ Brisbane-based indie/alternative pop band - Cub Sport while they were in Echo Park California during the winter rain. Shooting on film and walking through the drizzle - we got to know Tim and Sam who got married last year. We found two genuinely beautiful artistic souls who truly love what they do. The band is showing a beautiful tale of vulnerability and queer self expression through their music and general being. Check out Tim’s full interview all about the process of working on their new album Cub Sport by Cub Sport, love, vulnerability, authenticity, and one very important question below…

What does love mean to you?

Pure love is like light, it’s the opposite to fear and ego. It’s something that transcends our human experience while also being the very reason for it. It’s uplifting, healing, empowering, overwhelming and limitless. Love is life. 

What made/makes you love music?

I’ve been in love with music since I can remember. Mum used to sing to me a lot and she played the piano which I loved, so I started learning piano when I was 6 and music has been part of my life every day since. I feel like all creativity connects us with something higher and music is an incredibly beautiful and powerful part of that connection. I feel like the creation of music is the art of capturing energy and emotion, being able to share in that and experience it universally is like actual magic.

What was the process of working on Cub Sport by Cub Sport ?

A lot of the album was written and recorded in my hometown Brisbane, both at my home studio and with my friend Max (aka Golden Vessel). I worked on a few tracks while we were on the road in North America in Spring 2018 plus a last minute collaboration with Calvin Valentine in LA which birthed one of my favorite songs on the album I’m Not Scared. 

I don’t really have a specific process, sometimes I’ll just play one of my synths or guitars and vibe something out and build from that. Other times I’ll have lyrical or melodic ideas come to me first, and sometimes it all comes at once. Some of my favorite ideas flow through me quite spontaneously and I feel like those instances can make for the purest form of creativity, where it feels like I’ve channeled something from my higher mind without time for over-thinking.

How do you deal with vulnerability and is music inherently vulnerable? 

Being yourself publicly can put you in quite a vulnerable position but there’s a power in owning your identity and that’s something I’ve really learned to lean into over the last year or so. For me, writing and performing music is a space where I’m at my most vulnerable but also where I feel my most powerful.

What does self-acceptance mean to you?

Embracing everything you are as well as everything you aren’t. Understanding that you’re you for a reason and that you’re on a journey, as is everyone. It’s so easy to be critical of yourself but it’s really important to remember that you deserve to show yourself the same love and understanding you’d offer to someone else. 

How do you practice self-love?

A big part of practicing self-love for me is about listening to how I feel and being kind to myself.

What would you like to see within the industry as an LGBTQ artist?

I always wanna see more queer representation across all industries. It’s so important and it makes a huge difference in normalizing being queer.

How do you feel about touring?

I love touring! It’s a lot of work and a wild schedule to maintain as a self-managed band but it’s 1000% worthwhile to have the opportunity to connect with our listeners and followers all around the world. My ultimate scenario would be bringing our dogs Missy and Evie on tour.

What does authenticity mean to you?

To me authenticity is being genuine and being yourself. In an artistic sense, I feel like being authentic is directly linked to understanding yourself and your vision. I’ve learned so much about myself over the last 18 months and I’ve never felt more like me in every way. Being authentic comes naturally when you know who you are and what you stand for.

Anything else you would like to share?

Perhaps a question to readers; are you living in love or fear? Deciding to live in love was the single most transformative shift in my life and has enabled me to live a much happier and fulfilling life. I want to pass this along to as many people as I can ‘cause I want to help see love and light overcome fear in all of our lives.

Artist: Cub Sport @cubsport

Photography by: Nicole Lee @niccoleey

Creative direction: Weslee Kate @wesleekatecreative