Country Girl

I grew up on the country side. Never had any worries. Never cared about what people were saying. Then I moved to the big city, just when I found you. On my last day we were lying under the dark sky that was filled with stars and the moon was laughin' at us. Tellin' us: "Hey, you're too young, you don't know what you're doing, but I know. Now we all are here and everything is good."

I wish we could turn back time to these good old days. When everything was easy-going. A world filled with carelessness and love, rather than worries and stress. We were too young to know. Too unexperienced to face the future's reality. Now I'm here, thinking about these days. And rather than being sad about the change, I'm glad this all actually did happen.

Photographed by Marcel Glasmacher
Model: Bianca Gerlach