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'People move on orbits that are so distant from each other.' - Trezecia czesc nocy, 1971

Even with the ones you’re closest to there is always some disconnect. The things that are unspoken. The internal monologues only you’ll hear. The moments or emotions you experience that cannot be expressed, that will dull or transform the second they leave your lips. In the end, you can only ever truly know yourself. And even that’s a stretch. But when two orbits meet, it is a beautiful thing. It can be the unfamiliar yet magnetic face you find yourself being inexplicably drawn to in a crowd. It can be the quiet, comforting presence of a sister, a friend, a lover. It can be experiencing another’s self-expression in art, music, poetry. Yes, our orbits are distant. But when they meet, it is cosmic.  

Photography/Video: Ashley Seryn @ashleyseryn  

Models: Karma Lisslo @karmalisslo and Aria Lisslo @arialisslo