Cool, Man... Cool.


- My inner monologue - whenever you are talking to me. -

Yeah no, man. Its cool, man, really. I mean, I dont get why you always gotta stress yourself and everyone around you by pointing out every single god damn problem there is. You see, there might actually be no issues, no worries and not one problem if wed just all start concentrating more on the solutions and those good vibes that youve been keeping locked somewhere deep down inside yourself.

What I dont understand though, and probably I never will, to be honest, is why you gotta keep looking for darkness, when actually everything is sweet like fresh cotton candy. Or honey? However, I am smiling right now. Just because I can and I dont need a reason for it. Do you? I dont think so. Point is: Snap out of it and start recognizing the beauty that surrounds you within every single minute of your one and possibly only life.

Model: Anna Sholokhova @annapril_
Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky
Location: Jaffa Beach, Tel Aviv