Coastal Love

I love this feeling when the wind slightly rushes through my hair. When the ocean dust comes up and everything sinks into red and pink lights. When I just caught the last wave and then I’d sit there, thinking about my hopes and dreams. It’s the moment I realise that this is unforgettable, untouchable. And then I say to myself: “Yeah, you got this. Everything is making sense.” People talk a lot about this kind of magic. The magic that nature shows us every day. Sometimes it makes me feel a hunger that drives me, letting me experience new adventures. I take risks and chances and forget about any walls my mind has ever built up. If one way doesn’t work, I would choose the other direction. I would always follow the light.

Photographer: S. Robert Hallburn @robertakesphotos
Model: Nathalie Zender @nathaliezender
MUA: Pete Cervantes @artistry_by_pete