Hailey Knox


Hailey Knox might not be old enough to sit at the bar but she did it anyway - to snag some pictures before she opened up the night at The Troubadour Los Angeles. Hailey’s music flows with honesty, raw talent, and an impressive amount of practiced skill. The whole room seemed to be blown away by her live set filled with multiple guitars, (a ukulele), and looping powerhouse vocals. Continue reading to learn more about Hailey Knox, see the full Polaroid editorial, and watch her video for “Hard Wired”. 

Who are you?

Hey, I’m Hailey Knox. I’m from NY and I sing, play guitar, the ukulele and a few other instruments. I’ve been singing since I was 2 and playing shows since I was 10. I love creating, writing songs and have spent the past few years touring and getting to open for some awesome artists. I am currently on tour with Bailen which is a lot of fun and watching them every night is the best - they’re so talented.

What does authenticity mean to you?

When I create I often mumble as I’m coming up with melodies and within those mumbles I usually hear words that feel like I’m subconsciously thinking. I think those thoughts, and real feelings/ emotions are authentic. Not letting anyone else’s opinions change yours, determining your own opinion to begin with and being confident with it. Doing what YOU want to do. It’s scary to be authentic because it’s a very vulnerable space and it’s easy to doubt those initial thoughts but I feel that’s how to be authentic when creating. 

Favorite lyric of your own? 

Speak, I struggle to speak, cause I’m always worried about what your thinking” I feel like this line explains life as an introvert and how it sometimes may not be easy to voice your feelings and opinions because you’ve convinced yourself that their invalid or insignificant. This line hints at the title of being hardwired differently in ways I think most people can relate - being afraid and having to let go of inner criticisms/ worries and speak up.

Best and most challenging part of tour?

Playing every night, meeting new people, exploring new cities and having people sing along with me is crazy. Touring is a strange lifestyle because nothing feels constant and your always on the go. The most difficult part for me is missing home and people.

Favorite place to be? 

Home, with my stoo, snacking and eating good food! 

Favorite late night snack?

I love sweets! Sea salt chips, chocolate and twizzlers! 

What does vulnerability as an artist mean to you? 

When I talk about my song "Hardwired" I always say it’s one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve written. The day I wrote that song I remember feeling a million emotions. The initial idea started in my bedroom and I saved it as a voice memo and I mumbled things like “I smile, smile so you can’t see” and “you flood my mind, when I dive in to deep.” It's kind of ironic because hardwired is about having a hard time being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is not hiding and being open which is a lot easier said than done.

Favorite songs to cover? 

I love performing "Sugar Daddy" by D’angelo. It’s a newer one I’ve added to the set but it’s so fun to perform. I have a bass in my loop pedal that I trigger and I stack up harmonies and basically create a band up there with me.

Why music?

I honestly use music and creating as a way to express how I feel. When I create or even play a show, you can feel my energy through the show. If I’m homesick or feel more nervous than the night before or if I ate a lot of candy and have a sugar high, you’ll feel that through my performance! 

What’s next? 

New music! 

Talent: Hailey Knox @haileyknoxmusic

Photo: Weslee Kate @wesleekatecreative