Get to Know: Ciera Prestil

Ciera Prestil is a model, based out of Dallas Texas signed with WallFlower Management in Dallas and LA Models in Los Angeles. We had a bit of a chat about some of her favorite things and her life as a model.

When did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was 19! One of my best friends, who is a photographer, asked if she could take photos of me for fun. Turns out she sent my photos into multiple agencies, which completely took me by surprise!

Do you think it is important for models to still go to school?

Absolutely, education is something everyone should take advantage and value. Gaining that knowledge is something no one can take away from you. It's part of the key to future goals and success! Just like everyone else, I feel it's important for models to go to school and get a complete education. Modeling is a short-lived career. It doesn't last forever. Take your many other passions and apply them to reach for other goals! Favorite scent? 

What is your favourite scent?

Fragrance wise, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is my is my all time favorite! I wear it everyday!   

What are 5 things in your bag right now?

Can I just say, my bag is and always will be an absolute disaster area (most can relate I'm sure)! Five things in my bag right now, my phone, Arnica gel, my car keys, Kiehl's oil-free gel cream, and coconut oil lip balm.

Favorite pre-shoot snack and post shoot meal? 

My pre-shoot snack is typically trail mix (unsalted almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds). Post shoot meal would definitely be sushi, without a question!

What do you love most about yourself?

I think I love how overly obsessed I am with Mick Jagger. It's an over the top kind of love!

Favorite song at the moment?

Right now I've been listening to I'm Free by the Rolling Stones non-stop!

Favorite designer?

Alexander Wang, I just love the edgier, modern, unique twist he has. Every collection is eye candy for me!

Cats or dogs?

Both? If I was forced to pick, I would say dogs!

Model: Ciera Prestil

Photographer: Nick Glover