In a society where we’re so obsessed with adulation and fake image, I sat back in the shadows as you played your dangerous game that gave you momentary thrills. Drowning in your sea of thoughts you were trying to accomplish a sense of worth. Can’t you see that you were only destroying yourself?

Feelings of familiarity were felt. It’s the same game only different players. The first opponent messed with my head with his senseless back and forth, up and down. The second hurt my heart with his words, fed to me with the hands of a coward for those lies were truth, when aimed for someone else. The third player bruised my ego, quietly, as he faded into the dead hours of the night.

Caught between wanting to believe that no two people are the same and having known better, proof of your actions and words cement a place in my mind. Your battle is prepared as your knight comes in blazing to take out my rook, yet you stand assured with your wit and charm that captures me with so much as a look.

Cautious I stand guarded wielding my sword to protect a glass heart, this queen has no desire to be broken. I question your motives, for you can’t be the king with an imaginary focus which serves as a frequent distraction as I watch you run to people and places just to hide what you feel. Still, with compassion, I want to help for I know all too well it takes time to heal.

Checkmate; you have her where you want her. Are you happy now? Feelings of defeat twist in my stomach like a dagger. Always the stepping stone, helping others find their path with my heart that goes out on a loan. When will it be my turn, is something I ache to know. Still, I yearn for your happiness, who am I to stand in your way on the journeys that allow us to grow, I believe it rings true, that you reap what you sow.

Now alone, no longer having to put on a show as all thoughts of standing deserted have left me stubbornly content. Until out of nowhere came you, with your sandy smile and glow, it would appear to begin again as this story still has so much to know.

I won’t write about you, though as you're unlike the rest, an adventure in yourself, my favourite yet, one that I can’t wait to explore. But until then, I want to keep you as my secret… for just a little while more.

Model: Jordyn Bash @jordynbash
Photographer: Dean Ostetto @deanostetto