Check Out Fendi's New Platform "F Is For"

Fendi just created a new platform named "F Is For" that features the best of youth culture and will launch offline today when Abra and Metro Bloomin will perform live in New York with a Fashion TV Show slot! The platform was designed by millennials for millennials of the cool, more urban fashion scene, defining the letter F in various ways: Freaks (the tribe),Fulgore (the new fashion), Faces (those who count), Freedom (the experiences) and Fearless (the sound of revolution).

Our favourite story so far is called "TRIPPING THROUGH GLASSES," and refers to the future of classic:

"Forget what you knew about ROMA, clear your mind and ready your body. Metal skeletons are dancing on digital hearts. This is the selfie booth of the soul, there is nobody else like you. YOU, have never happened. Here you are, standing on the shoulders of ROME. Take it in, its yours. Textures worn as celebration – clothing to swim in. Stripes and fringe, outline your freckles with the sun, pulling stunts behind the backs of the nonbelievers. The not-all-tight but pretty precise cuts are made to entertain your fascination for exquisite angles and graphic-themed pictures on Instagram (btw: for tasty architectural shots head to Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in the EUR area, you’ll be amazed)."