Bahari - Music Videos, Feminism, Friendship, and More

Bahari is a kick ass musical duo comprised of singer/bassist Natalia Panzarella and singer/keyboardist Ruby Carr. Since the two share most of their opinions and inspiration Ruby replied to our questions for them both. Their new song + video “Chasers” focuses on life’s endless journey of chasing after objects, love interests, and things that we may not necessarily need. In the video, the band members find themselves getting caught up in partying and relationships that leave them feeling hollow. The song and video are both a good reminder to take time to focus inward and on things we need as individual souls. “Savage” on the other hand is a power anthem - perfect to play while getting over a breakup or getting ready for a fun night under the moon. The video is all your feminist spy movie dreams come true. Overall, Bahari is a duo who is ready to do some damage - in a good way of course. Full interview + video links down below.

How and why did you both decide to pursue music?

We’ve both been musical since we were little, there was a piano at my boarding school and I became obsessed and played it everyday. I never really stopped and I realized music was my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else so I decided to move to LA and we met soon after.

What inspired “Chasers” and what do you hope listeners/viewers take from it?

We wrote “Chasers” over the summer, during a downtime of writing the album and not playing shows. The song came from us feeling lost and swallowed in our city but realizing it was our own fault. We wanted to write about that empty feeling. Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back from everything and realize that there’s beauty all around us and we’re lucky to be living the life we live.

What inspired “Savage” and what do you hope listeners/viewers take from it?

When we wrote “Savage” it started out just as a fun experimental song that we were just messing around with but we ended up actually really liking it and wanted to put it out. For us, it was an empowering song. After both going through a breakup, we wanted to write something that made us feel strong + bad-ass instead of sad + heartbroken so it was like a healing process.

If you had to describe each other in 4 words what would they be?

Believe it or not, we just swapped answers and we both said the exact same thing! Dedicated, emotional, caring, and passionate. We spend everyday together so we really know each other in and out :)

How do you stay authentic?

It’s easy to feel lost in LA but I think we are lucky to have each other, and that and our music really keeps us grounded. We write about how we feel and we also have a team of people we work with who help us stay grounded and authentic.

What do you think youth today struggles with that past generations maybe have not?

I think the youth today and the younger generations will struggle with more stress and anxiety than older generations have. Although social media can be a great tool and platform, it’s brought a new age of social interaction and for a lot of impressionable people, it can be hard to not take harsh comments to heart. People are constantly feeling pressure to be a certain way and look a certain way so I think younger generations are faced with more pressure and responsibility than before.

What does the term “feminist” mean to you both?

To me, the term “feminist” is someone who believes and actively perusing the equality of all people no matter who you are. I think everyone should be a feminist.

How do you maintain your relationship as a duo?

We’ve been so close for years it’s almost like we’re sisters. Doing what we’re doing has been a dream of both of ours forever so it’s easy when we know we want the same thing and we’re in it together. We’re just best friends who work well together and we always make sure to talk to each other and be honest about how we feel.