'Cause I'm a Cool Girl


“I guess I’m one of the cool girls. And when I say cool, then I mean super chilled, pretty funny and allergic to any kind of drama. Meeting up with my girls is alright, but sometimes I just can’t stand all the senseless conversations about boys, make-up, and body goals. So I rather hang out with the boys, smoking cigs and playing Poker until 2 am. ‘Cause I love drinking cheap beer instead of way too expensive champaign. I prefer watching football over Gossip Girl and loud burping doesn’t piss me off at all. Yeah, I usually don’t behave like a real lady would. I’m more the cool kinda chick. And guess what? I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about it.”

Model: Luda Ivanona @itsnotluda
Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky @mikeivnitsky
Wardrobe and styling by Nadav Lash @nadavlash