You’re just like candy. When I get my sugar fix you got me feeling like la la la. A hit that doesn't wear off, a taste so sweet I always want more.

Feeling stuck in a land of unknown your eyes speak nothing but a truthful tone. Trying to push you out you proved me wrong and chose to stay, enhancing my sweet tooth as we create a world of our own.

With disbelief you take me so high, I know this love was reserved for our two hearts because every time I'm with you I'm falling deeper apart until it’s obvious we have a rare chemistry that goes beyond off the charts.

You keep me grounded while I shoot for the sky but it’s been a rocky road to find you as I was blinded by the sour kind but forget all that now for it’s our time, I’m here loving you while we’re tied up losing our minds. Wrapped up in our bliss, we go crazy waiting out that 9 to 5.

You asked me if I was ready to take on the world with you, so I say there isn’t an aspect I'm not addicted to, your mind, your soul, your body and heart I want it all and I want it all with you.

Model : Damu Lee - @damu.lee
Photographer : Andrei Topli  - @andreitopli
Location : Venth Studios London - @venthstudios