Calm Chaos By Maria Nguyen

"We were hypnotized by the rhythmic pulse of the calm waves, but our electric hearts sparked. With the glitter of summer bouncing off the horizon, we meandered our way along the bay towards the docks. We shared our worlds; big talk and small talk and even our moments of silences were intertwined to become one big, tangled mess.

That day and these photos come from the last project I would work on with Jennifer for the year. Scattered throughout these past few months, we have worked on numerous photo projects together. Each time, we’d become a little bit more comfortable with one another, a little bit more daring, a little bit more experimental, and our desire to push both our creative boundaries seems to be unquenchable.

Days like this allow us to be free and lost - finding our way through our little, chaotic worlds."

Photographer: Jennifer Aleksandroff @giftoftwentyfour
Model & Words: Maria Nguyen @micro.maria