Burning Desire ⚡️

Sometimes we just had to let it all go. Then we would drive for hours to find a nice beach where we can camp, make a fire and listen to the waves. I remember that day when the ocean was so wild. The sky was grey and dark. And although it rained for a little while, we enjoyed every minute that we spent together at this lonely, mystical place. When the sun went down, the sky sparkled in a mix of red, violet and pink colours until the moon appeared and darkness surrounded us. We sat down by the fire and told each other about all those crazy dreams and desires. And when the music came up, we danced and sang. We enlightened the cold night with laughter and happiness.

Photographer: Ned Jokanovic @nedjokanovic

Models: Sarah Veckrangès @sezveckranges & Bianca Gerlach @bianca.gerlach

Video by Milica @milicapthanx & Luka @rakija_papi