Burn The Love Down

Images via loversanddriftersclub.tumblr.com

Images via loversanddriftersclub.tumblr.com

Who knows this feeling? You meet a person, get to know him and finally fall for him. Then it doesn’t work out, you meet another one and the story goes on…Sometimes I feel like holding the repeat button. Though if you couldn’t find the right one yet, don’t worry. Sometimes we just have to burn something down that obviously doesn’t seem to work out for us because of issues like a long distance, too many differences or for whatever reason. Today’s society is stuck in a fast-living world where most of us are occupied with finding themselves, concentrating on their own shit while nobody wants to be bothered with love issues.

Should love even be an issue? Shouldn’t it be more kind of a happy, wonderful thing? When we understand that this is not always the case and that our contemporary lives are probably not always meant to be made for lovely couples that throw flowers around them and laugh ALL the time, we can probably accept that after dating so many men, it’s still alright to be alone.

I had this weird experience right now where I obviously generated feelings for someone. I met him during my time in England and when I had to go back to Germany I knew this would never work out as I wasn’t even sure where to go next from there. I made the same experience last year, when I went to LA, met someone amazing and then had to let it go again when I left beautiful California. I obviously should have learned from these situation by now, but I’m sure it might happen again at my next destination.

The important thing is that we shouldn’t give up on love, just because it’s hard to work it out sometimes. I know, every gypsy feels me right now. Just fall in love, enjoy the feeling. And if it doesn’t work out, let it go again. F*ck it, you will find a love that is gonna be much more true, because it will be supposed to work out.