Brooklyn Bae

I live in Brooklyn. I’m a bae. I love it here.
Had my ups and downs, but at the end, I’m always getting back on track.

When I look outside my window, I see big buildings. There’s a lot of concrete.
And lots of people. I’m always wondering what stories they have to tell.

Mine is simple. It’s ordinary. But that’s ok. I’m happy with who I am and with what I got.
Wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

Although sometimes, I become a dreamer. And I dream…
When I’m standing on the rooftop, and the wind tries to blow me away.

It tells me about exciting things, like lonely beaches, or fancy parties with fancy chicks.
But then I think of my story. And I feel satisfaction.

So I just stay where I am, in Brooklyn. Remaining the bae that I am.

Photographer: Charlotte Bae @charbaelotte

Model: Alexandra Chelaru @hagumpi