My Single Life Be Like...

Has anybody ever been in that situation where all of your friends are in happy, loving relationships (they’re engaged, living together, have kids together, been together for 6+ years - all completely happy and in love) and you're the only single one? The constant third wheel? You don’t think anything of this, that is until…
You start to find yourself on the receiving end of well-intentioned set ups, like the time you were set up with your friend’s boyfriend’s mate, who just so happens to forget he actually has a girlfriend. Yeah, nice try, buddy. Or how about the one who tells you mid-intro that he has an addiction problem. Let’s not forget the one who has commitment issues, or my favourite - the one who tells you he doesn't have time to date, but then you find out he’s also dating your friend… at the same time. Remind me again… why is single life supposed to be fun?
So then you get to thinking… Is it just me or does everyone seem to be loved up and getting into relationships? Yes, yes it would appear that they are, meanwhile all I’m getting into, is possibly debt thanks to a piece I wrote on fashion week which has left me convinced that I must have the latest couture in my life. Valentino anyone? I’m here for it!

What’s a girl to do? You give it your best go (debatable) and 9 times out of 10 you get the not so great bunch of eggs which ultimately leaves you with the dreaded speech from friends and family, you know the one, it’s the “have you tried being single?” That one’s my favourite. Then there’s the whole “I believe you need to be comfortable being alone first”.

Dude… I hear you but like, I am SO comfortable being alone, in fact, I’m a little tired of taking myself out on dates, with myself, for myself…

Bruised egos aside. At the end of the day, it is what it is, even though it seems easier to give up on things that seem tricky and hurt us, it’s important to remember that it’s human nature to crave companionship. So what do we do? Well, my loves, we pull ourselves together, forget the hurt and bounce straight back to chasing the highs, time after time. Is it worth it? You know what it really is… Every time. :)

Love Always,

Kails xx

Photography by Silvija Gec @tiposilvijah
Modeling and Styling by Elvira Vedelago @bdblggr