Behind Your Mask ✨

"Who are you when your mask comes off? What is behind your facade?"

We all hide and revive parts of our personality on a daily basis. We all have different masks for different situations. Just because you wear a mask, does not mean you are being inauthentic; it just means you are showcasing a specific part of yourself to this specific part of the world. Every persona has 10.000 different faces and edges, a million ways to be seen and to perceive the world. The key is having a solid base to your mask that you can show to anyone in any world. Otherwise, you end up in situations where you don't want to introduce your friends to each other because you will not know which mask to wear. If you have a solid base coat then you will be less susceptible to peer masking, stronger against allowing what others want to see to become part of who you are. 

My base is rose gold but sometimes it looks more pink than others, it's versatile. I layer on different scents and flavors. I weave over the sparkling surface with the colors of the moment, the colors of how I am currently feeling. I do my best to keep my mask authentic to me, and not just to my surroundings. 

The good thing about a mask is that you can show as much or as little of yourself as you wish. Sometimes, being vulnerable and showing your base is dangerous and scary. That's when I cover mine with silver glitter and dust. Still a reflection of myself, but this one is stronger. Not a word, look, or moment that could hurt me. I am invincible.

When I first wake up in the morning I am bare. My base for all to see; this is my favorite. Waking up next to someone you love and basking in the vulnerability together. Watching your love with sleepy eyes and no mask to be seen, is when love surfaces fast and hard, almost bringing you to your knees with joy.

Don't be afraid of changing your base. We are humans and we are always growing, changing, learning. If your base is the same as when you were 7, then it may be time for an update. This changing base can also cause trouble. Sometimes though, there are mornings in every friendship or relationship where you look over and notice that their bare base has shifted shades. The issue with this is sometimes that they have turned into something, which no longer brings you to your knees with joy, but instead rips small holes in your heart as you have to decide if it is a base you still love and cherish. 

Everybody wears a mask, and being aware of yours does nothing but add to your own understanding and power over yourself. Don't be afraid of your own personal shield, but instead cherish it because it is a gift.

Model: Carin Numa @carinnuma

Photographer: Camila Ross @camilaross

For: Urban Outfitters @uomalibu