Before The Storm


There’s something thrilling about waiting for a storm.

The not-knowing of when the wind will pick up,

And the clouds bunch together.

Everyone racing home

As if the apocalypse is coming.

They speed down country roads,

Afraid of getting caught in thunder.

But I don’t join the frenzy.

If anything, I stay outside in anticipation.

My bright yellow windbreaker on,

The night has me as it’s flashlight.

It’s much more freeing without the raincoat,

More thrilling.

Waiting for a storm brings me ease.

Oddly enough I don’t have anxiety over the threat of rain.

It’s like a woman 9-months pregnant,

Ready to give birth.

Of course she knows it will be painful.

And like a storm,

There will be a rainbow painted through the sky,

After the clouds have cleared.

PHOTOGRAPHER Louis Potin @louis_potin_photography
MODEL Isabella Bucceri @bellabucceri