Because Her Beauty Is Raw & Wild

It was a cold, nasty spring and the freezing wind was blowing from Hudson River. Though she was unstoppable and nothing could get to her. She could work and always look amazing in any condition. That’s what you call professional. Modeling is not about comfort. It’s about hard work and discipline.

Even in unpleasant conditions, she wouldn’t waste one thought over the cold or that feeling of deep tiredness. As long as she was on the same wave with the photographer, everything just worked. She just wanted to inhale as much of the American fashion industry as possible.

But this shoot was different. It was about combining raw beauty with fashion, which meant no make-up, natural hair, vintage clothes and edgy locations - the perfect way for her to express herself. To be only herself without posing or looking like someone she wasn’t. She got out of her comfort zone. She knew how great it could feel to just take off the pink glasses and actually realize, actually see the people around her. Even if these huge grey walls of New York’s high fashion industry would surround her forever, she would always believe in natural beauty, herself and a wild world.

"Destino Fanzine's first issue is dedicated to everything that is behind ourselves, the places we love, the creations we admire or the future that is ahead of us. Made with love in NYC (almost)."

For Destino Fanzine Issue Noº1

Photographer: Álvaro Delgado @alvarodelgado

Model: Ana Tess