Be Your Own Idol ❤

Probably everyone of us experiences these periods in life in which we are in desperate search for inspirational people and personalities to give us new views on lifestyle, body-image and looks. One day you deeply love everything about you, the next day you feel like something is missing because you just discovered a picture of this cool chick that has it all. This phenomenon itself is actually a very good thing, because it’s the simple and ongoing desire to evolve.

Though I always see and hear from my friends how they admire other girls or ‘idols’ on Instagram or other media platforms. ‘I wish I was like her!’ or ‘I need her body!’ are sentences that make me want to freak out! Yes, these girls give us a fantastic source of inspiration in terms of styling or motivation to do more sports and live a more healthy lifestyle. But besides the fact that everything we see on Instagram doesn’t reflect reality at all, we should prosper from our own strengths. What makes these girls so admirable? It’s the fact that they are happy with themselves and that they don’t dream about being someone else.

Two years ago I would have never imagined to become a model or representative. I have a normal body index, I am not tall. But I got encouraged by my friends to start modeling and now I just truly enjoy it! I became my own idol and evolve through my own work as a model. I never thought I could be a model, but now that’s what I am. Never say no to yourself. If you want to make something happen, then you will. You simply have to focus on the right perspective and the little things of your body and character that make you so unique. Be your own idol and never mind the people that don’t see the things that you see. ❤

Photographer: Alison Resac @alisonresacphoto

Model: Lexi Sevy @lexisevy

Wearing: Shirt: @alwaysagainusa Shorts: @pacsun