Be Brave In a Fearless City

The sun set long ago, but it’s still bright.

We can feel it, hear it. This vibe in the air, a buzz from around the corner.

Exciting things are about to happen. We are the owners of our own experiences. And as the owners, we have to deal with the consequences of every decision. 

We have mixed feelings of excitement, anticipation and fear of the unknown. It´s your turn now to step around the corner.

In a city full of energy and possibilities, it´s your turn to take the opportunity. You need to be brave in a fearless city.

Photographer: Joseph Velasco @xthisisjoe

Creative Director: Raquel Roget @heyitsrockyyyyy

Model: Raquel Roget @heyitsrockyyyyy

Photography Assistant: Alexis Jones

Project: DeuxÂmes @deux.ames