Barbara SS17

I’ve been obsessed with searching for fancy new lingerie recently. Passion comes with the age in my case. At a certain age, women start feeling more confident in sexy, but also comfortable underwear.

Browsing through the internet, I’ve found Barbara, a Paris-based lingerie brand that was established in 1926. It launched with a range of body shaping underwear. After almost 40 years, a new company owner added bras and panties and Barbara became the first producer of elastic lace lingerie.

Across the centuries, Barbara kept 2 lines - body shaping underwear and more sophisticated lingerie. Both very young - and wanted!

All Barbara lingerie pieces are hand-crafted and made under professional control. However, the prices are really reasonable: 50-60 EUR for a piece.

What we love most about Barbara's lingerie, are its femininity, elegance and flirty vibes, combined with the perfect Parisian style. Check out some snapshots from the brand's recent SS17 campaign, featuring model Alexina Graham and shot by photographer Fred Meylan.

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Photographer: Fred Meylan

Model: Alexina Graham