Baltilove: Stoned Immaculate SS16

If you are a sucker for vintage pieces, California based brand Stoned Immaculate brings you the perfect 1960's and 70's vibes. Besides their iconic recycled and very unique pieces, the label designs it's own collections, infused with a high dose of love and crazy flower power. With its latest collection named Voulez Vous for SS16, SI introduced delicate stardust patterns, retro statements, flared looks and silky bomber jackets. Photographed by no one else than vintage photography legend Henrik Purienne, Voulez Vous takes us straight back in time!

We fell in love with these authentic aesthetics and the brand's skill to inspire by drawing attention to a generation of wild journeys, old books and 35 mm films...

"You may notice small markings of wear, these flaws are the fingerprint of days gone by. There may be a tiny stain from that 1976 party in the Canyon or a small tear from when the hem was pulled a little too hard during a steamy make out session in the back seat of a Trans Am. These imperfections are what actually makes this piece - perfect."

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Photography by Henrik Purienne
Starring Camille Rowe
Styled by Chloe Chippendale
Beauty by Melinda Dean