Baltilove: Rat&Boa

UK based brand Rat&Boa conquered our hearts immediately with its affordable vintage styles and sexy soul. Created by friends, Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett, who have been collaborating for a few years to design unique pieces, the brand has already conquered a global market with its effortless bohemian vibe. All clothes are very iconic, but wearable and feminine.

«It was born out of a desire to create pieces that are missing from your wardrobe».

Why this name?

Valentina represents the rat, while Stephanie is more the ‘boa’ type of person. The name was inspired by Stevie Nick's quote about Lindsey Buckingham: “He and I were about as compatible as a boa constrictor and a rat”.

How did they become so popular?

324k followers on Instagram, thousands of likes and hundreds comments. I’m jealous. But it’s all for a reason. They create a real story of girls, showing female sexuality as a way of comfortable dressing whilst travelling to wonderful places, such as California, India or Cuba. Stephanie and Valentina both model for Rat&Boa and therefore reveal the best representatives for their own brand. Who’s better in selling sexy clothes than independent women that are not scared to show off their femininity? Great models, perfect imagery, an appropriate atmosphere and reasonable prices (60$ average) make this concept work. A real success story!

P.S. from the author:

I would recommend visiting Rat&Boa’s Instagram before your next important date night to get inspired and definitely prepared!