Baltilove: Not Another Label

Gotta risk it for the biscuit...

Everybody knows it: Clothes reflect personality. Today we love to express our inner thoughts and feelings through wearing our favourite pieces. LA based designer Veronica Borunda helps girls to express what’s on their mind through cool tees, knits, denim, and intimates with her empowering brand named Not Another Label. Before Veronica decided to develop her own brand in 2015, she designed for girly clothing label Brandy Melville.

Who wears it?

The babes that enjoy to dress in the cool, chilled way - the girls that could hangout forever.

How do they promote it?

By photographing the coolest model chicks of LA for their lookbooks and Instagram.

What we love about the brand?

Besides their vintage collection, we fell in love with these iconic statement tee’s. Out favourites are «I could hangout forever», «Just put you at my To-Do List» and «Gotta risk it for the biscuit».

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