Handcrafted Pieces by Yunis K

Yunis K Jewelry is the culmination of my passion for all things fashion. As fashion is an expression of our wants, desires and emotions, our highs and lows, jewelry is the final punctuation mark that contextualizes what we wear.

My love of vintage jewelry pieces from across the world has inspired me to create new and exciting handcrafted pieces for women, showcasing timeless stones, beads and charms with modern flourish. Born and raised in New Orleans before coming to California as a teen, my blend of old world and new wave Bohemian finds its way into every piece we make.

At Yunis K, our belief is that fashion is about finding what makes you feel good and wearing it your own way.  Our goal is to create authentic and fun handmade pieces that make every girl feel good in their own unique style.”

- Yunis K

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