Baby It's a Wild World

I am insane.
I think I am.
My life is not.
At least I think it isn't.
I am insane on the inside.
Now and then I show it on the outside.
But only when I'm supposed to do.
Some days I can be this, sometimes I can be that.

Your soul is a wonderland, kinda like mine.
With empty thoughts and beautiful creatures.
They are scared.
They are blind.
Sometimes they see everything.
Then it all just makes sense.
At times they get inspired.
Overwhelmed by the earth beneath your feet.

Our world is wild.
Baby, it is.
With all it’s darkness, lightened up by thousands of chemicals.
Our world can be this, our world can be that.
It can eat us up.
Or it can be exactly what we want it to be.
So we stay in the game.
And we make the rules.

Photographer: Johnson Lui @johnsonluii

Model: Therese Niedbala @thereseniedbala