Long Time Love ♡

When I first saw him, I found him attractive. But mostly because he was the only good looking guy in that club. He was drunk and I only talked to him because of my dream to finally go abroad and my friend told me he spent two years in the UK. We talked a little bit with him about it but I wasn´t brave enough to ask for his number and forgot his name immediately.

Two or three days later I asked my friend for the guy’s name. We started writing via Facebook and WhatsApp. It was nice to talk to him he was funny and easy to talk too. He asked me out for some cocktails and I figured“yeah why not.” I didn´t really think he would be a candidate for a relationship, but I saw no reason to not having a little fun!

I will never forget that big smile on his face when he came up the stairs to pick me up. With one hand on the banisters, well dressed in a suit, an easy walk, and stunning twinkling blue eyes. I looked so crappy in my normal clothes and changed into a nicer dress while he was looking through my small flat making one joke after another. I was laughing nervously the whole time with a light blush on my cheeks.

We picked up some of his other friends and went to a nice restaurant. I was the only one understanding the jokes he made and that happy twinkle in his eyes when I laughed gave me chills. We went to his friends flat to drink some cocktails and beer and I had a great night. I was sitting next to him - really nervous but attempting to play it off; I wanted to touch him but I was too shy. I really hoped he would make the first move.

It must have been two o´ clock in the morning when we were standing in the kitchen and he leaned over to kiss me out of the blue. He had warm soft lips kissing with a passion I was unfamiliar with. When our lips separated I looked up to him into those blue confident eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

We started dating but I was very unsure about the whole thing. He wasn´t looking like the kind of man I usually liked. He was handsome of course, but he was so different from my normal taste. I wasn´t sure if I could evolve feelings for him.  He had oddities that annoyed me now and then, but I enjoyed his company and that was all I needed at that moment. I thought that maybe it’d be better without these extreme feelings having a relationship closer to that of friends. No drama, just company, and comfort.

It was four or five months later when I went over for a visit in his flat. We talked about something; he made a joke and left the room. I answered him laughing, and “I love you” slipped from my lips.  My heart skipped a beat when his face came back into the doorframe. I didn´t know why I said that I didn´t know that I felt like that. I was afraid what he would say until he came over and kissed me saying: “I know, I feel the same. We love each other.”

It was no love at the first sight or the second or the 30th. My love for him was growing. I fell in love with his character, with his ideas, with his mind. With the way he speaks, moves, with all the bad jokes he makes, and all his oddities. I fell in love with the human himself. 

Because it wasn´t love at the first sight, I didn´t fall in love with my concept of how he should be. My wishes or whatever my brain would imagine about him from first glance. Love didn’t just pop up though before I had often just based  love on my imagination about what that person could be, the feelings that may betray you when you find out the person you love is not like you thought.  My love grew with every day, every kiss, and every talk. It was the best love I ever felt. Love at first sight isn’t love, but it can grow to be over long nights and morning cups of coffee. It can grow slowly into something that is truely magic.