She was insane. Maybe she had read too much Bukowski, or maybe she just had to act so adult too often. In these moments the child in her had to come through to letting her know she could still do whatever she dreamed of. Just a little accident or a happening suddenly unhhanged her life. This completely planned and structured world suddenly ended in chaos and chaos meant being out of control. It had always been like a spontaneous party. And the more unplanned the party was, the more fun it had been, like a rocket ride to infinity.

“You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” - Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland

And how did she feel then? She picked a fight with herself, looked at the overlooked, was alone while being with her friends and thought about her own thinking. Complete freedom in creativity was sometimes dangerous for her, like a confusing labyrinth to get lost in.

Photographed by Andy Chang

Wearing Calvin Klein underwear & shag jacket by Esprit & sunglasses by Urban Outfitters