Aylin Shot By Lichterwaldt

When and how did your modeling career begin?

My modeling career began at the age of 16. My best friend pushed and motivated me to apply for Austria´s Next Topmodel. Everything was new for me and I was so excited! But I stayed focused and at the end I won.

What’s your favourite part about modeling?

My favorite part is to put myself into other roles. It’s just really interesting and I’ve learning a lot about myself and how to act in front of the camera.

You live in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria. What do you enjoy most about living there?

I enjoy having so many possibilities and activities to do in Vienna! I love the unexpected… But also life quality here is super good. We have beautiful places to hang out and chill with our friends. I also love the people’s open-mindedness.

Please tell us about your future dreams…

My future dreams are to travel around the world and model more. Also I want to collect impressions and ideas for my own restaurant. One of my biggest wishes is to own a small fancy restaurant where people can just chill and eat food that’s good for the soul, while having fun and enjoying life. Moreover I want live in a house with my family and a big garden with fresh veggies and fruits.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Your favourite song ever is….

I think that's probably from Rihanna - ‘Sex with me’ ;D

How was the shoot with Lichterwaldt?

Lichterwaldt is one of the coolest guys I've ever met ! First we set down and talked before we started shooting. That was really impressive and important for the atmosphere. He knows exactly what he was doing and what he wants! I felt really comfortable although I was half-naked…

How do you feel right now?

I feel very relaxed. Summer was nice and I'm looking forward to work on future stuff!

What does true love mean to you?

For me true love is to respect my partner as he is, to not push him in any single way and also never trying to put a spoke in wheel! I think this is a good basis to really fall in love…

Photographer: Lichterwaldt

Model: Aylin K.