An Overkill

Our generation is on a hunt for living as many happy moments as possible. I think one of the biggest challenges we have to deal with is to keep the focus. We have so much freedom, so many possibilities when it comes to jobs, activities and relationships.

But as great as it sounds, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by it. It can lead to choosing more of the obvious pleasures in life, rather than what would make more of an attempt and where the success can only be seen later.

Could this way of life become an overkill, leading us to run in circles? Especially when it comes to working on something you love, big goals or relationships, it´s difficult to handle the right amount of fun in life and the effort and sacrifice you have to deal with to reach something bigger than instant pleasure.

You need to focus, so you don´t wake up one day and feel like you are at the exact same spot like before. Because life is as much about effort as it is about pleasure. Only when you are able to integrate both in your life, you will be able to grow.

Photographer: @sebazpictures

Model: @saradoku