Lessons We’ve Learned From ‘LOVE’

Image via thecrimson.com

Image via thecrimson.com

Mickey and Gus from Netflix’s first season of ‘LOVE’, directed and produced by nobody else than comedic Judd Aptow taught us some important lessons when it comes to commitment and the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy. For everyone who hasn’t seen the first 12 episodes yet, this is a story about sex, drugs and the dark sides of deep relationships.

Mickey, played by Gillian Jacobs, and Gus, played by Paul Rust just end up coming out of two hopeless relationships. The two characters who couldn’t be more distinctive, meet in a gas station when Mickey forgot her wallet and Gus pays for her coffee and cigarettes. The whole story and situation already seems to be very authentic and easy to identify with. It is the beginning of a love that couldn’t be more filled with hilarious and though intense and meaningful moments.

Therefore this dramedy taught us to quit old relationships which are just not going anywhere asap. (See the last article: Burn the love down.). Moreover we should probably work on ourselves first, before falling in love with someone else’s life as obviously this doesn’t contribute to our self-commitment. However, when love happens, it happens. So number three of this little list should definitely state that it doesn’t really matter how different two persons and their lifestyles are, they can still fall for each other and maybe share something that people with more equalities wouldn’t even expect to experience. And last but not least, drugs and alcohol won’t make our lives any better either which is the same for getting too high and selfish when life turns to a brighter side.

Unfortunately ‘LOVE’s 2nd season is set to premiere in February 2017. But be prepared for more lessons in love, taught by Mickey and Gus.