All Honey


Baby, baby you're all I need, got your sweetness talkin' and you're all honey. I'm stuck now, up way too high. It's that cold hard honey oozeing with every breath you take; eyes sweet, heart true.

Baby, baby, you just let that sweet talk drip on through. Oh, but are you bored of me now?
The faults are starting to show, the cracks appear and our biggest fear is that the highs may have began to slow….

Well, but baby, baby, it’s all just bickering cries, we both know in a moments time we’ll be back chasing those sugar highs. Yeah you know you’re cold hard honey.

But baby, baby got your sweetness talkin’,  sending me up way too high and I can’t come down because you know you’re all I want and need, eyes so sweet, a heart so true, no I won’t come down until you promise me that forever I’ll be with you.

Photographer: @sarahmarzukie / Model: Kaily Emma Smith @kailyemmasmith  / Wearing: @nanajudy_