Always Artist: Art + Short Film

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If you picked up a copy of Baltisoul's first issue Young+Wild in print or digital format then you are familiar with the imagery of Always Artist. However, while in Young+Wild the article talks about what it means to be an artist. The short film you are about to watch lets you see the inner working of the mind of an artist. It shows the thought process behind a manic night of color and creation. 

Since this was a shoot all about art, we decided to see just how many forms of art we could include. The shoot ended up inspiring 6 completely different works of art including the shoot, the video, dancing, an acrylic painting, a voice over, and a watercolor painting by Juliette Hays. It shows how important any singular shoot is and all it can inspire. 

Natalie Biehl truly is a talented artist, dancer, and model. Because of this she was nothing but her authentic self throughout the film and that really makes it something captivating and worth watching. 

"As an artist it is important to sometimes create things for yourself alone - without the worry of a clients opinion."

Model/Acrylic Artist: Natalie Biehl  @natalie.reverie

Water Color: Juliette R Hayt @juliette_hayt

Photo: Gavin Crews Gavin.Crews

Video: David Feusse @davey_creative

Director/writer: Weslee Kate @wesleekatecreative

VO: Marley Feuerwerker-otto @marleyetoile

Hair and back ground art (lady and bridge): Ariana Barbara @Ariana Barbara