About You

Kaily Baltisoul

I’m feeling so good, there’s no way we could be a mistake. This passion is like a magnet. As if this could ever fade… You got me going crazy for you and the addiction is so sweet, when I can’t have my hit, the withdrawal has my body in aches.

Whatever the highs and lows, I can’t say I’m not curious to know the adventures that await us and where this could possibly go.

A sensation so tempting, it’s almost impossible to take things slow when you have my heart stupidly skipping a beat. This is happening as I find myself lost in your zone but it’s too much too soon so I fake my chill. It’s not that I'm playing; it’s just that I’m an addict who wants to keep coming back for a dose of that morning thrill.

Baby, you’re beginning to become something of a muse. You got me buzzing with a motivation that my words, coated in visions of you slip out on paper like a fixation. I guess you’re all I can think about. It’s funny how I used to read books to be transported to another world, where, as now all I have to do is shut my eyes and be inspired by you.

Model: @kailyemmasmith

Photographer: @sydstreetco