A Walking Sunset


Sometimes I get so distracted, I leave my house in only a bodysuit. But it’s not like I care. It’s 2018- do any of us wear clothes? Of course, I comb through my hair... maybe even tug my eyelashes with some mascara. But I don’t like wasting time working on my image. I’d rather be out. Doesn’t matter if I have plans. I usually don’t when I walk out my door. People tend to find me. I’m not hard to spot. (Especially when I’m wearing my vibrant orange leotard). When it hits the sun, anyone within a 50-mile radius is instantly blinded. Mixed with my hair, and the bright sky above, I’m a walking sunset. There are times when I want to hide, though. My newsboy cap equals as a shield. Instead of running through green grass, I sit in the car. People only get glimpses of me when driving by. I can push against the gas pedal. No matter where I am, hiding or cartwheeling, the world spins on.

The sun will always rise and set. It doesn’t set for me, I know that now. But I can choose to shine with it or hide from its glare. I choose to shine.

PHOTOGRAPHER Louis Potin @louis_potin_photography
MODEL Ashlea McKee @ashleamckee
MAKE UP Verity Gershenson @vgersh5