Get to know Echo + Air

Echo + Air is a company that will slip into your dreams in no time at all. With their minimalistic and functional designs taking center stage, as well as their love for the earth and the people on it. Get ready to fall in love with the little things, and be astounded at the way quality is brought to life in just the right way to tantalize your fashion senses.

Jordada Howard the creator of Echo + Air kindly took the time out of her busy day to let us get to know her a little bit better...

Why Minimalism?

I think it was a natural progression for me as a designer. When you first start out, there’s that temptation to put every good idea into one garment. I think it takes restraint to be content with a design that doesn’t have every bell and whistle. I also like to wear and create clothing that isn’t too fussy, that is modern and classic.

What makes you different?

This kind of relates to the first question in a way. Our brand definitely has a cleaner, a more minimal style, but a lot of brands do. However, as a designer, I want to make an impact with our silhouettes and our fabrics. I am not interested in redesigning that same shift dress. I like to create things that are modular, dimensional, and have interesting details. We offer some solid essentials that everyone needs, but each collection we introduce new pieces that are more conceptual. I want our customers to be able to wear the more elevated pieces with the basics, and have the freedom to integrate these pieces into their wardrobe.

Why is supporting a sustainable economy important to you.

It is important because I care about my future and the future of the new generations to come. Living in a globalized economy, our power is in our choice and what we choose to consume. Our input and dedication to the local economy will dictate the output. If we are collectively putting more emphasis and buying power into sustainable/ locally made goods we will see positive results (an economy that can sustain). The money circles back through the community, as well as building relationships. We have to start on a smaller level.

Do you think going to school for design made an impact on your work?

It definitely provided me with some valuable technical skills, but my aesthetic has greatly evolved since I graduated.

What is your mindset on the typical model measurements 34-24-34, do they have a relevant place in the design and fashion world today?

I think all body types are relevant to fashion, whether you are a size 2 or a size 16. For our line, we fall in the middle category for our clothing and size range. For me it’s less about size and more about vibe of that person; do they capture the spirit of the brand?

What music do you play while working?

It varies a lot, but typically more ethereal sounding music when I’m drawing. Right now, I am obsessed with John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Vol. 1 & 2 and Xiu Xiu’s Twin Peaks Album.

Favorite movie for fashion inspiration?

I have been torturing myself with this one. I am really inspired by mood and atmosphere. I think the films that inspire me are less related to fashion and more related to feeling. I am going to give you a top 5:

1) Lost Highway – David Lynch

2) Trainspotting – Danny Boyle

3) Dancer in the Dark- Lars Von Trier

4) Possession- Andreij Zulawski

5) Vertigo- Alfred Hitchcock

More recently, I was really inspired by arthouse horror film, “It Follows” and “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter”.

You have been making moves, but what’s next for your company?

We will be launching our new collection in the Fall. We also have some collaborations in the works with other designers and artists.

Photos and Styling: Echo + Air

Hair & Makeup: Ever Velasquez

Model: Jessica Cappabianco

Shoes: c/o Sydney Brown