A Message For My Fellow Dreamers

Dreams are like drugs, in the sense that they’re a stimulant. They make you so stupidly high that when you experience what is in comparison a bleak reality, you come bursting down at the seams. It’s not at all what you imagined it would be...

They won’t tell you this, but I will. The problem with being a dreamer is that everything is as it seems but nothing is as you dream… They should really put that in the fine print somewhere.

Dreams, filled with hopes and expectations are like honey - At first taste they're sweet, your pupils dilate - welcome to dreaming. I believe you’ve just had your first hit, this is where it has you coming back for more. Eventually, you realize that it’s actually just a thick and sticky mess in which you’re stuck, also called reality. That is how it entraps you.

Passions defines how we all wish to live a life full of our deepest desires. You find yourself fighting to make something of yourself and succeed in your chosen field. Days turn into nights and hours become longer as you strive onwards. Hope turns into desperation and soon you find yourself on a battlefield, made up of other souls for what is in the end only liquid gold. You find yourself in an after moment that is nothing like you aspired for it to be. Maybe it didn't live up to your expectations, or maybe you didn't live up to theirs. Either way, you’re once again back to where you started.

Disappointment. Anger. Shame. You feel beaten and battered. You're past tired now and frustration is an understatement. So many wishes in this lifetime, you feel greedy, do you want a career, do you want a home or do you want love? Silly girl, you can’t have them all, can you? You search for shelter, safety, becoming more and more desperate to find it because you’re on the brink of collapsing. Your lungs are dry and your eyes are bleeding red as they scream for solace. Your bones ache and tighten as your lips crack. The skin on your hands peels as your head is fighting a constant battle to not give in. Every morning you lay your head in your hands, tears are streaming and you’re clawing your nails. You’re met with decision as you beg and plead on your soul for just one more chance, for one more 24 hours to prove that you’re just as deserving as everyone else. You know you can do this.

You get back up, you put yourself back out there, you know your limits and you know you haven’t even begun to reach them yet. This lifetime is made for us, the dreamers. So let’s fight to show them what we’re made of. Don’t let people undermine you, don’t let them make you feel less than you are. Your dreams are your plans. With fierce determination nothing can stop you, you put your pain back in your cup and focus on the road ahead. It might take some time, but baby that’s all we got. If you back, you just know that I will, too.

Photographer: Michael Brewington @senterfolds