A Lonely Path

Creatives are full of so many different energies. We push people away, convinced this path is one to walk alone. A truth that is rather narrow-minded, everyone knows two synergies are better than one.

How much longer I wonder, will we be sleeping in lonely, cold beds because we're too busy using our time, talent and youth to create a life for ourselves. Chasing dreams, work and art, hoping after all this ‘give and no take’ it will equal a mass sum in the end to help us survive in a society that demands an exponential amount of greed, yet offers such little variety.

Art is forced by emotion & vision. Money is given to those who are slaves to the rhythm. Our work is sold for free to the rich while we fall back to our bedrooms with empty pockets and restored hope. To steer our drive, we persevere trying to see the bigger picture as we take our bodies home to our broken windows, only to feel the ice cold air seep through our bones to the tips of our toes as we shiver into the early hours of the morning sorrows.

In a city fuelled by money and an industrial scale, we’re climbing forever. It’s as if we're in a useless game where we are the snakes but who is the ladder? With no time to sleep, we're powered by a passion that doesn't die easy nor does it come cheap. Worn out and tired from the back and forth rise and fall, the creation never stops nor does it stall. Give us a challenge we only thrive more, there’s power to be had, in showing you our flaws.

Model: Kaily Smith @kailyemmasmith

Photographer: Sarah Marzukie @sarahmarzukie